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D.El.Ed FAQs

D.El.Ed FAQs

D.El.Ed FAQs

Q. - How can I pursue D.El.Ed.?

Ans. – Any 10+2 can apply for D.El.Ed. from Radhakrishnan as it will be in attending where a student will be allotted a college and he needs to go college regularly.

Q. - Is D.El.Ed from Radhakrishnan, Shahpura approved by N.C.T.E.?

Ans. – Yes, it is approved by NCTE and it offers regular D.El.Ed degree and after successful completion of the course, student is eligible to apply for government teacher jobs anywhere in India.

Q.- What is the eligibility criteria for D.El.Ed.?

Ans- Any 10+2 or equivalent to 10+2  who has secured 50% marks minimum (45% for SC/ST) can apply for D.El.Ed.

Q. – What are the job perspectives after doing D.El.Ed course from Radhakrishnan ?

Ans – Since all the universities in Bihar that are offering D.El.Ed course, are state government universities. Hence, aspirants can apply for either government or private jobs anywhere in the world.

Q. – What is the pattern of exams in the D.El.Ed course? Is it annual or semester mode? 

Ans – Well, in Radhakrishnan and other government universities in Bihar, exams are conducted annually. Generally it takes place during the month of June every academic year.

Q. – What about the syllabus of Radhakrishnan D.El.Ed course?

Ans – There will be 6 subjects in first year to study in which 4 subjects are common whereas rest 1 subject is pedagogic (teaching subjects) that are taken by students out of given choices as per NCTE norms. This point can be discussed while consulting for admission procedure.

Q. – When does Radhakrishnan D.El.Ed. counseling takes place for applying?

Ans – Radhakrishnan D.El.Ed. counseling information can be taken either from Radhakrishnan website or from our website through LATEST NEWS link.