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Principle Message

Principle Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

“Teachers act as the nation builders”, but it does not mean that a teacher just have to pass the knowledge to his student but he should work for imbibing the child with a number of qualities which force him to indulge in activities leading for the better nation. We at Radhakrishnan College Of Education build such teachers who are ready to face the future challenges. Our pupil teachers reveal and elaborate the secrets of higher values in life and empathy for fellow beings.

Our faculty members do not only disseminate knowledge but also condition the pupil teachers to create and generate new knowledge. They are working very hard for the necessary shift form traditional methods of teaching to more realistic and modern methods. The steps we had taken for reaching our goals had been polishing the talent of students. I hope the graduate passed from the institute will face the challenges to mould the nation with a positive attitude.


With Best Wishes

Principal Radhakrishnan College Of Education